I Wear: Teal & Turquoise

I bought this gorgeous set of earrings & pendant at FabIndia months ago, not knowing when or where I’d wear it. Usually, I don’t tend to go in for Indian designs in jewellery. They seem to overshadow my small face and make me look gaunt and gawky. But this set just called to me because of how delicate it was. That, plus the colours are enamel, not stones (I hate those; they fall off like 2 seconds after you’ve walked out of the store). And finally, how does this Cancerian say no to any silver?

I decided to bring out a plain self-embroidered turquoise salwar kameez that only ever gets an airing on super formal occasions in winter. And since the dress is so simple, I went all out with the eye makeup too.  Tell me if it works or if it’s too matchy-matchy?


I Wear:

  • Turquoise silk self-embroidered kurta & chuddidar: FabIndia
  • Silver with blue-green enamel earrings & pendant: FabIndia
  • Eyes: First I applied Faces dark blue eye pencil on both upper and lower eyelids. Then I added Faces teal eye pencil on the upper lid and half of the lower inner lid, starting from inside till the middle. I lengthened the upper line in Faces dark blue into wingtips and connected the eye tip end to the lower lid line. And finally, I painted a hairfine line in Lakme Shine Line green liquid liner over the TOP of the teal line on the upper lid, running right up to the wingtip. I finished up with an equally thin line in the same Shine Line on the lower outer lid.
  • Lips: Lakme Absolut Matte 203 Brilliant Kiss

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