I Wear: Lavasa Lady

Travelling was much easier when I was a teenager, primarily because I was a tomboy and could safely be excused from any manner of grooming, styling or posh-ladyism. Now that I’ve acquired the trappings of my sex, it’s getting harder and harder to stay innovative, stylish, well-turned out and also conveniently mobile. Take this weekend, for instance. I was on the Lavasa run, covering the women’s rally. I assumed it would be a job for ol’ TomboyGirl and so laid out my decade-old tough travelling jeans (also worn on the nature trail the previous week), a stash of plain-coloured interchangeable tee-shirts and my paint-streaked sneakers (thus decorated by my participation at the various  The Wall Projects). Imagine my shock when I got there to find a rerun of the Fashion Week parading up and down the promenade! I kid you not, it was like official Lavasawear was designer tees, summer shifts and brief shorts. Not to mention the outfit-an-hour types that seemed to abound there. I felt worse than invisible – visible for all the wrong reasons (which any woman will understand is the most mortifying thing possible). The weather was also warmer, much more than I expected. Where I’d looked forward to the pleasant breeziness of Pune, I found a muggy, sunny clime more like Mumbai (minus the pollution, of course). My white nylon Rbk jacket, handy for its lightness and the warmth it provides, wasn’t used at all. Coupled with the unstylish tee-shirt and the baggy jeans, I could probably pass for a car mechanic. The only saving grace was that the entire blogger contingent was as dismayed as I was, with the shock of it all. Misery loves company. By evening, mercifully, most of the fashionastas had retreated to the style mag pages they must have stepped out of (Gone home? Resting in and painting their toenails? Practicing walking on 2-feet high heels?). The weather was cooler and there were fewer people around. I took heart and stepped out in my ensemble. Thank goodness for my love of bright colours! A punchy colour can make just as powerful a statement as the sleekest look, the most styled coiffure or the meanest brand. My yellow tee shirt was perfect. I was also glad I’d brought along my favorite cotton shawl since it is (on account of its colours, of course) the brightest thing in my stole/shawl/scarf collection. I wound it around my neck, doubled it at the nape and knotted it loosely down my front. The Lavasa participant badge served for a brooch. The Bossini waterproof bottoms that I’d tossed into my backpack at the last minute, for accidental stains, wetting (boating was on the original itenarary) and other emergencies served perfectly to finish the look. Red and yellow is probably as OTT as anyone can get but I wasn’t taking any chances. As it turned out, I really do believe the correct attitude can carry off anything. I was quite happy with the way my pictures turned out. The black Reebok shoes had to stay. But the press-kit that we were handed on arrival, came in a white and blue cloth slingbag. I dumped out the brochures onto my bed, tossed in my wallet and mobile phone and cross-slung it across my chest. And that’s how I became a Lavasa Lady!

I wear:

  • Yellow tee-shirt: Pantaloons
  • Red waterproof bottoms: Bossini
  • Black sneakers: Reebok
  • Shawl: Colaba causeway, Mumbai
  • Bag, badge: Press kit of Lavasa Women’s Drive


Update: Blurring the face may detract from the quality of the picture and subsequently the post. But trolling & harassment are causing the only option to be no posts at all. I think all of you will agree with me that this is a reasonable solution. I don’t wish to discuss this further so please do not start any conversations on this issue, on this blog.

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15 thoughts on “I Wear: Lavasa Lady

  1. wonderful read, as usual! i was wondering when u were going to post 🙂 loved the part about the women disappearing into their rooms 🙂

  2. You seem to be moving around and having a ball of a time. Your writing is always cool boz it reflects an epitone of who you are…….. keep it going:)

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