I Wear: It Started With Green Nails

I didn’t post an I Wear post all April and that’s not because I hadn’t been dressing it up (c’mon really? I am vain enough to match my homewear pajamas to my scrunchie). So here goes one from a few months ago.

A hot day travelling to office and back and I had this delightful silver jewellery set I wanted to wear. But it really, really began with the green nail paint I had picked up in a fit of enthusiasm for Gay Pride, but not really worn. I know it’s green but it didn’t look anything like the Hulk or Swamp Thing or any of those images that make people think this isn’t a colour to use in make-up. And it was a perfect match with my earrings. Since the jewellery also had blue, I took out my FabIndia Indigo collection top that I’d bought earlier. This was just a bit before I got my tattoo so you see a clean wrist. But there are the paper planes in print on my top. 🙂

Everything else just fell into place. Green eye pencil in wingtips, coral lipstick and a chunky silver chain to hang the pendant on. Tell me how I look?


I Wear:

  • Indigo cotton top with paper plane prints: FabIndia
  • Silver earrings and pendant: Anamika
  • Coral lipstick: Lust On by Faces Canada
  • Green nail paint: Tenacious Teal 301 by Madeline Color Show
  • Green eye pencil: Emerald by Ikonic Pro-Arte gel pencils

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