I Wear: How I Began Winter

Winter has left Mumbai and I’ve neglected to put up these pictures. So here goes a quicks-quick before it gets too hot to upload winter wear pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚

It was just beginning on cool. I was due at a Caferati read-meet. In my experience, most people in Mumbai like running their fans on full blast, something that hits my throat immediately, even if it is warm weather. So I wanted something to wrap around my neck without being too wooly. This dupatta is one that I picked up nearly a year ago and haven’t actually used with a salwar-kameez outfit ever. It wrapped up nicely as decorative/protective scarf.


I Wear:

  • Green three-quarter sleeves top: Cotton World, Pune
  • Pink-and-green dupatta with hand prints: Manish Market
  • Green and silver enamel/silver jewellery: Anamika by FabIndia
  • Eyemakeup: I drew a thin line of green eye pencil on the upper lid and lower inner lash line. This was followed by a line of blue eye pencil on the upper lid (above the green) and lower outer lash line. I joined the eyes at the outer corners of the eye in a point each, stopping just short of wingtips. (In the later weeks, I went to much more experimentation with eye makeup, posts of which will appear soon).

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