I Wear: Everything Matches The Headscarf

Punekars and Chennaiites have known this for years. Mumbai is not new to dust, pollution and heat but well, some things just take time to catch on, okay? And Andheri, home to the worst traffic snarls and construction sites in the city has taken to this with gusto. Well, this Andherigirl certainly has.

My daily survival kit when I leave home includes mobile phone, wallet, keys, handkerchief, water bottle and sunglasses. Only one item changes in this otherwise staple collection – the headscarf. I now have a neat collection of headscarves of various colours, patterns and shapes. Their sole purpose it to protect face, hair and throat from the rigours of Andheri.

I’ve now taken to matching my make-up and other garments to the headscarf and why not? It’s a trend I first saw in Istanbul in 2008 and I was intrigued by the oomph of fully covered women in scarves, brooches and full sleeves, all matched. So here are two of my recent forays:


I Wear:

  • LEFT – Orange, yellow, purple & blue silk rectangular striped scarf with blue eyeliner & blouse and pink lipstick
  • RIGHT – Brown, cream & blue silk rectangular abstract scarf with teal eyeliner, red lipstick and sky blue jacket

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