I Wear: Crowning Glory

I have always been vain about my hair. It is soft, silky and malleable. My face cut also lends itself to a variety of hairstyles. Truly, my hair is really my crowning glory. I coloured my hair last month, in my first DIY experiment (Wella Kolestint). The daily washes have worn the colour down to a lovely red-burgundy halo now.

I like my hair to reflect my personality (which it currently does in terms of colour anyway). I hate tying it up, I don’t like sticking plastic or metal in my hair and I absolutely love the windswept look. Happily, I found myself a hair stylist who understood me well. He says that it’s a rare woman who is willing to trust her stylist and cut her hair short.

There is a notion that long hair lends itself to better styling. But every stylist I’ve spoken to, says that’s nonsense. Of course, it helps their profession to have that belief but it has been my experience as well. People with long hair usually don’t change their style, even if they can. The average long-haired woman nearly always sticks to a ponytail, hairbands, straight curtains or plaits whatever her style may be. In contrast, I’ve sported at least a dozen different looks in the past two years and my hair has never reached my shoulders.

Birthday week is usually a build-up to the big day and a hair appointment is always on the agenda. Here’s what I’m greeting 32 with:

Short, tight and page-boy at the back.

A clean sheet of hair falling down on the side, longer than the back.

A parting that falls by itself in the front.

This of course, is the parlour-look, after blow-drying and professional styling. One hair wash later, the style is slightly more rounded as my hair takes the shape of my face. For a more brisk look, I tuck both sides behind my ears. The hair is full and fluffy on the top and sticks out in quirky points at the ends. Formal evenings see a severe parting, a smooth sheet to one side (that usually falls if I blow-dry it even at home) and tightly tucked behind ear on the other side.

I love my new look! Do you?

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