I remembered this look when I was writing my ‘Dark Girls Have All The Fun‘ post the other day. I dipped into my Drafts and there it was sitting, all ready to be published but forgotten in the complications of April. This is what I wore the day Reema and I went to check out tattoo artists.

I had woken up to a heavy day – a bad dream, an ex’s birthday that I wished I hadn’t remembered, a message from a friend-of-a-friend asking if I knew about her getting married (I didn’t and I hadn’t been invited). The only thing that cheered me up was the prospect of meeting Reema who always knows when to make me smile and when to give me wisdom. Colours and style are her minor superpowers so I thought I’d give her something to work with, while improving my mood. And here’s what I did:

Don’t anyone say Ronald McDonald!!


I Wear:

  • Yellow skater dress worn as tunic: Amazon.in
  • Distressed and embroidered denim jacket/top: Forever 21
  • Glass beads: Delhi
  • Owl dangly earring: Kolkata
  • Arrowhead wooden earring: Bangalore airport
  • Coral backpack: Westside
  • Red and blue nails: Maybelline ColorShow
  • Red lipstick: Revlon ColorBurst
  • Eyes: Faces dark blue eye pencil on lash lines, Faces teal eye pencil on upper lid

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