I Want What I Want

Can it be wrong to want anything?

It could be silly or meaningless
impractical or impossible
unfathomable or illogical.

No, actually not.
All those things describe the object of one’s desire
Not desire in itself.

I want. I WANT. I want. I want.
And there’s nothing more to it than that.

7 thoughts on “I Want What I Want

  1. What do you want, little one?
    The moon, the stars; fun in the sun?
    Say it, and it shall be done –
    Oh, and please restrict your wishes to one!

    PS> Do something about the load times of the blog, please. My gmail account loads faster!

  2. or there actually might be something more to it than that,if we pause to consider a moment.why do i want what i want?what does it mean to me,and to others?but they are cliched questions and these are not really what i had to say. though i do consider why do i want what i want to be more important than the wanting itself, because in many subtle and not so subtle ways,it tells me what i am,but point was also…

    what do i do for what i want.and that is where the question of morality comes in,because a want is not static,wants morph,constantly…intensify to desires,maybe yearnings…or lie forgotten in some corner of consciousness’ attic,dusty like old trunks filled with forgotten,sepia memories.and that is what probably differentiates the want from WANT,really.

    P.S. i did not mean to write a blog post in response to your short and sweet post,but saw your post in google reader’s recommended feeds,happened to feel it worthy of comment,and so commented.hope you don’t mind.oh,and i like the place,am subscribing : )

    sandeips last blog post..rings of smoke

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