They wonder why I have such a poor opinion of men

And then they go and prove me right.

Thanks, Neanderthal man, feel free to call me the Abusive Woman. You may never have abused a woman in your life but with this post you’ve given the opposite sex a good chance to call you and your kind,


10 thoughts on “I told you so”
  1. I went to the link… and could only wish I had not.
    It was so disgusting …. I wasn’t even angry,
    just repulsed by such thoughts.
    He has to be one pitiable specimen, who has never found women with integrity.

  2. Sad- to know and to acknowledge- that such people do exist.Where the only means of getting their kicks is by aiming them at people (read ‘women’) via the comfort of the internet.

    Should one get angry with such people or pity them? Some cases deserve neither…just ignore them.

    BTW, Idea smith, loved your post on the ‘Sprite ad cad’!

  3. I found the other site very interesting. He was being way too frank. And ofcourse – there is an element of being western in it. Because everything is hushed up in India.

    But the dividing of women is interesting – though in India – we have a more hushed up, hyprocritical mindset of women, who I don’t think will accept things so openly.

    But on the whole – a very provocative blog, which I think is too harsh for me. End verdict – very poorly written, but a good concept.

    More like a Karan Johar movie.

  4. Ha ha…I think you have categorized men in some other post of yours in the past! Now what category would Oz fall under?

  5. @ IdeaSmith: You are giving him great publicity πŸ™‚ Nearly everyone here must have clicked through to him.

    By the way his categorisation and the attitude underlying him is why many of my otherwise eligible single male friends are single and probably will remain so for the rest of their days as their waists widen, their hairlines recede, their weight starts ticking up like the BP of most Indians past 40 and their egos inflate to the size of a weather balloon…

  6. @ Rachna: Oh, why not? I find men of his ilk quite amusing now. Neanderthals really are fascinating.

    @ chennairamblings: πŸ˜€

    @ Shailaja: I choose to be entertained by them! And thank you – for the compliment and for commenting! I hope I’ll see you at XXFactor again!

    @ Brad: No clue, I don’t know any Ozzies.

    @ Shefaly: That was a the point! And why not? I was quite tickled by his post. And the comments…everyone else’s and his as well! πŸ˜€

    @ Rambler: Ah well, we are prejudiced. :-p

  7. The guy doesnt sound like he wants a woman at all… He sounds like he’d be better off with an inflated doll with a battery operated vagina…
    PUA… lol!!! And here I was thinking I’m a chauvinist!

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