I Style!: Tweetiquette

So I’ve already preached on the value of good manners on the blogosphere. But now that blogs are a tad passe, the only way to keep up is to keep it short and sweet. In other words – 140 characters.

And here’s the man that preaches Tweetiquette, true to form within the prescribed 140 characters!

Annkur says 'Tweet no evil!'

Annkur wore this tee-shirt to the chai tweetup held on 8 January 2010. With his unassuming presence, he still managed to make a statement, possibly the most important one for that evening. It’s funny, it’s unusual, it’s relevant and it’s cool…it’s got be I Style!

Tweet No Evil

The tee-shirt is a regular fit in the characteristic Twitter blue and says ‘Tweet no evil’ under an image of three Twitter birdies displaying the respective ‘Hear no evil/Speak no evil/See no evil’ poses. For a social (and relevant) message with a funny angle and for his sense of timing, Annkur gets my I Style! vote. It is available at Inkfruit for Rs.300.


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