I Style! – Spell Tail With A Tee

This is Kenneth Lobo. Apart from the fact that he organizes a really cool event or two each week (Movies! Poetry! Music!) as a part of The Bombay Elektrik Projekt, he looks just like a regular guy.

The Bombay Elektrik Projekt dude
The Bombay Elektrik Projekt dude

Ah, but appearances can be deceptive. Does this look like the face of a man who waltzes off to Ladakh on a whim? And breaks a toe while making tea? Ah, again. What’s he hiding? Turn around Ken, and let’s look at your back instead.

Kenneth Animal Planet 2

Look, ma, a tail!! And don’t say I’ve been talking behind his back either, that’s where he puts his I Style! self!!!

Kenneth Animal Planet 3

Ken, you’re one Kool Kat and you’re high on I Style!

And for the purists among you, it’s an Animal Planet tee-shirt and that’s the logo that you see above his tail.

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