I Style!: Matchless Shoes

I spotted this at the post-rally celebration at Lavasa this weekend. Shibani Kashyap performed the Lavasa anthem and right after that came a cutesy boy band called SQS Supastars. They began with hot favorites like ‘It’s My Life’ and progressed even to ‘I Will Survive’. The women hooted, they cheered and they enjoyed themselves as the boys entertained the crowd.

Amidst all the laughter and madness I noticed that the guitarist (already notable for his hip hat and vest ensemble) was wearing different shoes! Simple but quirky and bold, no? I thought it really suited him. The crowd was too wild for me to get close enough to talk to him but I did manage to grab a pic. Take a look.

For a simple but eye-catching shoe style, the boy features on I Style!


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