And so we welcome her back with open arms, to Mumbai and to the blogosphere again!! Presenting the rockstar Bolly-blogger, Sakshi Juneja! *Drumrollllllll*

At my first Start-up Saturday , feeling fairly unintelligent, I wandered through the important-sounding conversations happening around me. And then I spotted her. She never fails to get ya, does she? Either it’s her spunky, spiky slippers or her Rakhi Sawant obsession or…her bag. Presenting for the second time round, this blog’s god-momma makes another appearance on I Style!

Here’s what she was spotted toting on that weekend.


Take a closer look….


And here’s something she brought to the Kala Ghoda Art Festival (where I also spotted another I Style!er)


To be quite sure, I’ve seen this second one on someone else but that was later. The original remains Sakshi, bolly-blogger and bloggy-rockstar!


6 thoughts on “I Style! – Halloween Hangover”
  1. @Sakshi a.k.a. ‘bolly-blogger and bloggy-rockstar, *drumroll*, this blog’s god-momma’- Ideasmith amuses me whenever she reverently uses these words! :mrgreen: πŸ˜€ I wonder what do you think?

  2. @ Sense, nikita: Plizz to ask the lady herself!

    @ Brad: Presumably I don’t count for anything in this conversation. *sulk*

    @ Sakshi: Come back and answer!!

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