A day in 55-word notes…

Last night

It was madness
I’m not afraid of madness
It’s the thought of being locked away for it that holds me back
That madness hasn’t left me; Oh joy!
One moment, one blink…is all it needs.

Love is madness, a screaming, hysterical madness.

I fell asleep last night with that thought.
And I dreamt all night.

The Dream

Missing the lift everybody took
14-floor sprint in pitch blackness
Stumbling over sleeping dogs
Sliding into the lift, just as it shut

Made it!

Realising I was on the wrong bus
With my group
But no one was going my way

When I woke up
I wanted to go back to sleep and dream more.

The Conversation

And then, later this morning

I can’t believe you’re doing this..

I am doing it.

I can see that but I can’t believe it!

Don’t be melodramatic!

But I’m not! I’m being myself for a change.

But I didn’t say that last sentence; I didn’t let the madness overcome me.
The dream lingers. Madness hidden.


Never realized till now
That I recognized the same madness in you
Each time, it stabbed me
I didn’t want to cry out
So retreated to sanity
Would you suspect, recognition would draw a cry of joy?

Yet I acknowledge
Your hysteria, not for me
Joy and rage would join
In my cry of madness.


  1. @ Raizada: I’m not sure why that annoys you so much. I don’t read blogs because they get ‘x’ number of hits, I read because I like the content. And I don’t remember seeing your name anywhere there. I also don’t have your email address, in case you were hoping I’d get in touch.

  2. Well.. I did write my email address for the comment… as is compulsary…
    Anyhow.. it was nice to know someone reads not for the number of hits…
    Anywayz … i wonder what am i writing here..
    Happy Diwali..

  3. @ Peeyush: That wasn’t me. Someone’s copying my tattooo….damn, where’s the piracy police when you need them??????

    @ Gaurav: Sorry I didn’t see that. Also, I wouldn’t have linked it back to your blog. To be honest, hits do matter to me but I try not to write solely for the purpose of my readership. That’s the best one can do I think. Happy Diwali to you too!

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