*Ring ring*

Me: Hello..
VOAE: Buzz buzz…
Me: Hum aapse aaj milna chahenge
VOAE: Buzz buzz…
Me: Okay, thank you. We’ll see you then.

FF: She seem to think she’s going on a date.
SNC: Why?
FF: She said “Aapse milna chahenge”
Me: Why? There’s no harm in being polite…real estate agents are human too!
FF: Yes, but are you?
Me: Very funny. Actually I’m not polite even to my dates!FF: There she goes shooting herself again!
Me: I wish I could shoot you! I should have pushed you into the water on the day of the floods!
SNC: No point regretting it now.
Me: See…this is the price I pay for being humane.
FF: You have very little experience of that anyway!

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