How we celebrated Valentine’s Day

The friendly neighborhood pet-puja-provider (also known as Piggy’s Poison Plaza at that much-neglected blog called Office Capers….someday I’ll start it up again) started it all with much fanfare on Monday announcing that the speshul menu on the 14th would be:



I was intrigued by the menu (an old bad habit, am afraid) but I didn’t risk the food, since Piggy has discovered V-day but hygiene remains a remote indecipherable concept.

Today at lunch, I said,

So no Sena trouble yesterday, right?

And the new kid on the office-block promptly replied,

Remember those MBA entrance group discussions? One guy would start shouting on some point. Ten minutes later an altogether different dude would be harping on the same thing a few decibels higher with Dude no.1 nowhere in the fray.

Strange but apt metaphor that, was the general lunch-table consensus.

3 thoughts on “How we celebrated Valentine’s Day

  1. @ Rambler: Cannibal…. 😀

    @ Brad: Was quoted in the newspaper using both my online and offline identities. And no, I did know about it…but it was an impulse decision then and I’m still not sure if I’m happy about it.

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