People show you
in subtle, petty, miniscule, piddly ways
that they don’t like you
…..or that they do.

Deciphering the clues is only half the battle,
Sometimes you can’t tell which they mean.

5 thoughts on “Hints

  1. And sometimes you do take the hint thinking to yourself ‘Gawd, how predictable can they get!’ Even though the proof doesn’t come right then, sooner (within a week or month) or later (within a year, πŸ˜› ) you’ve got it… πŸ˜›
    But what I still don’t get, are the ones that confuse me. Blow hot, blow cold!!! Ah, and Miss Impatience personified, moi, isn’t supposed to just walk up to them and ask ‘Ok, so what’s the big deal?’ πŸ˜•

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