Highlights of the first 2007 bloggers meet

Updates and detailed stories to follow

Insofar I’ve been a slow-and-impolite blogger not posting about meets on time, recording ‘inappropriate’ conversations online and taking potshots at people. 2007 I decided (as I do every year) to turn over a new leaf and tidy up some old bad habits (including avoiding ‘rationale-altering vices like alcohol, arguments and men’. Okay you can stop laughing now).

Let me be the very first to post about the first 2007 blog-meet then (yipppeee…inane competitiveness is in my blood but I didn’t resolve to stop being silly, after all!)

After this mighty fine invite designed by Melody got picked up by bloggers across Mumbai, I rather expected to find people queuing up outside Soul Fry and pretty, snooty concierges backed by surly muscle-clad men filtering them.

What actually happened was this: The core group that’s been meeting frequently all of last year all turned up. Let me not be elitist and use names here. After all blogging is a mass forum and this was an open bloggers’ meet. It was actually really good to meet some new people too. I’ll update the post as soon as  Sakshi and Melody put up the official attendance muster.

Oh but I must tell you about this. Lovely Melody played the charming hostess to the tee, flitting around, introducing people to each other, charming the restaurant staff who were starting to murmur about the raucous ruckus (don’t you lurrrve that?) we were making. Sakshi kept a strict head-count with an elephant-like memory of who promised to come and who was late. I came in under fire for being an hour late too *suitably embarrassed blush* and try as I might to plead my case, I was accosted by memories of my school teachers marking my attendance with a big, red “LATE AGAIN!!!!!” Tsk, tsk……sowee Saxy…

And now for some quickie highlights of the evening:


Amit Verma chops off his locks. I have to say he looks younger (N, you can stop calling him uncle now!) but I weep for the individualistic style personified by the pony-tailed Amit Verma I got to know last year. On the other hand, Mr.A-lister (khee khee khee) responded to my wail of

That’s like Samson without his locks!

with a GRRRRROOOOOOWWWWWWLLLLL. Hmm….so the hair served to keep Amit’s animalistic side in check…I should probably stop taking potshots at him now.

Vulturo’s woes

Sakshi and Mel tried to get me to do a rerun of my Halloween blooper with Saket and asked me to look for him. I smirked back and asked him, “So where’s Vulturo, Saket?” He didn’t look amused. Later, at pic-posing time though, he had his say when he trained the lens on me. I posed with my brightest toothpaste grin and waited, cheek-muscles straining. A long minute later, he pronounced

You have to smile, IdeaSmith. This is for the post.


This post came up for discussion and ended on some rather unusual conclusions over who was the most voluptuous member in the meet and what really constituted being a human being. So who says bloggers can’t discuss matters of consequence? Keep watching for the full story.

The Pajama

The quiet, innocuous looking dude in the corner actually hosts a blog called My pajama. A non-blogger friend mistook that for Maja ma and greeted the nonplussed Vijay with a “Kem cho?” I pointed out (rather loudly) that I wasn’t being able to access the site, a thought that was echoed gleefully by the Evil Thomas as

She says she can’t get into Vijay’s pajama!

I find however, that the site is accessible now so we’ll have no more such talk on this blog.

Melody’s Umbrella

After the gems produced at this meet, Melody had the most entertaining story for us at this do. No one can quite tell it like she did but I’ll just say that….chattis (bosoms) and chattas (umbrellas) had something to do with it. Oh and there was also something about a hooker in Delhi and what one should NEVER an auto-rickshaw driver. Since Peeyush promises a YouTube video of the entire story, I won’t rain on this umbrella parade by saying anything more.

The Lawyers

Let me retract my statement of ‘Let’s kill all the lawyers, let’s kill them tonight’. Oh wait a minute, I didn’t say that, The Eagles did. The party was graced by two members of the legal profession. The (Ex)pensive Lawyer and the intriguing Querida put up a presence at the meet too. As an aside…after Brad started a panic wave on my post, about psychopaths at the meet, I was relieved (for a change) to have my lawyers with me. Umm, it helped that one of them has a brown (It’s not black!!!) belt in Karate. Since I haven’t yet been kidnapped and chopped up, I imagine would-be psychopaths were suitably warned off. (So phooeeey Brad, you can go back to wishing!)

Beautiful people 

Pretty Pragni and a friend attended their first blog meet. I walked in just as they were ready to leave, which was a pity. Sakshi followed with a drama-laden feature episode on this and side lecture to me to be on time next time. Melody took the opportunity to organize a photo session. Soon to follow: Saket and the blogger beauties.

Big Blogger

After the huge success(?) of Big Brother and Big Boss, eagerly watched by Sakshi and me (and about ten thousand others), someone proposed a bloggers’ version of the same. Of course, Sakshi would be the Rakhi Sawant of this show. I imagine Saket would do a fine version of Ravi Kissen. A non-blogger friend from Delhi was heralded as the surefire Rahul Roy.

Not saying anything of your own. Sitting and laughing at everyone else’s antics and then walking off with the prize!!!!

No, we aren’t saying who said the above.

I will however tell you the instant spark of creativity that situation ignited in me (since I’m sure no one else is going to!). Right in the middle of the above conversation, I flung out my arms Bollywood-ishtyle and implored…

Nahin, nahin aise mat karo!
Mere dost aur mere pyaar ke beech mein daraar mat dalo!!

Nobody looked amused so I guess I don’t have a promising career in Bollywood after all. But these being my first coherent and complete lines in Hindi, I feel mighty proud of myself and I can safely detach myself from insinuations of being the Carol Gracias of Big Blogger. Anybody interested in participating in this show, drop us a line here and we’ll screen your application for relevant skills (bitchiness, inanity, melodrama, theatrics, silliness). Of course it helps if you’re already a blogger and seasoned in these things.

The Lensman

After a clean-shaven face and a Talibanesque beard, the celebrity photo-blogger Akshay now sports a semi-stubble accompanied by a casual cig. John Abraham, anyone? I think it’s a cross of the earlier two and christened him the Talibaan Baby. He has been sternly warned to NOT format his card before uploading the pics. Since he didn’t shoot any pics at this party, I asked him what right he had to exist without his camera. I guess Akshay will be taking a lot of photographs of bloggers from now on. Watch his blog for updates.

That’s all for this first preview of the first bloggers’ meet of 2007. Good day and we’ll see you again with updates.

24 thoughts on “Highlights of the first 2007 bloggers meet

  1. i missed a lot out apparently… 🙁 wish i could have met pensive lawyer and akshay.. i want to see rest of the pics.. when they are circulated.. i blogged abt the meet last night.. but before i could post i slumped dead in bed!! hehe.. will do it today.. n will send u the pics too..

  2. @ Pragni: Great…I’ve left my email address on your blog. I’ll link back to your post here when you put it up.

    @ Wiseling: It was. And more to follow in the year. When you’re down here perhaps?

    @ Amit VARMA: *Quaking in my shoes* Dare I ask when you’ll be posting?

    @ Anonymous: Thenk yew. And ah, I’ll be seeing you soon… 😀

    @ Pensive Lawyer: Soo baat che, dikra! Hoon bahu IMPRASSSED cho!

  3. Are you positive, you said ‘daraar’ and not ‘dakaar’!?:D

    Why in the world would I ‘wish’ that you be hacked? (No pun intended…since you know my profession) And what pics is Anonymous talkin’ about?

  4. How come you are ‘ok’ with your pics being released? I thought you were pretty apprehensive about that! What happened?

  5. I wanted to come but shuddered at the thought of being the only “Big Daddy” around. Let’s see if I gather the courage to come over next time. 🙁

  6. Nice. apparently, you trying to guilt-trip me wasn’t enough for you, you go around asking my friends to deliver stern lectures! Yes, I did get a ‘tsk tsk’ from Tee

  7. @ Vijay: Ditto. Was too!

    @ Wiseling: Well, a two-bloggers meet then? And the password protection is gone..I decided I didn’t have to hide that away after all. 😉

    @ Brad: Dunno, mood change I suppose. Same as always.

    @ Bombay Addict: Oh, I am too!

    @ Ranjan: And I wish you had come. There’s no concept of age in a blog-meet…we’re all equally inane!!!

    @ Sense: Hehehehehe….

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