The poet’s walk

Hello, hello
Don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello

“Looks like you don’t have much to say today”, he said.
And I said “Lots to say, but this just isn’t the conversation for it”

How can you bare your soul to someone who doesn’t even know what you’re doing?
How can you hate someone who’s trying but just not making it?

I hate goodbyes, god how I hate them.
I’d rather not say a hundred hellos then have to say a single goodbye
And yet, even if I keep mum, there will be others who speak to me
And try as I might to stay silent, eventually I must return the greeting
And that’s the start of the conversation
A conversation that goes on and on
Each time I try to end it, there’s another thread left hanging
To bind me to the other person
And I just have to come back to tie it up
And another and another and yet another one
Till all the threads have been tied up
And there is this whole great tapestry woven between me and the other person

How can anyone bear to rip that fabric apart?
How can anyone want to say goodbye?
There are no goodbyes without hellos
Why the hell do people say hello at all?

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