A new series, I call this ‘Heard-Felt-Thought-Did’. I may not use all four of them in the same post and the order may vary but I think it would generally occur in the HFTD order. This is my latest attempt at succinct expression.


You’ll find another man who makes you very happy!


After sometime, one doesn’t want a new man to make one happy. One would almost rather be mildly content with the old man.


But life, it would seem, plans otherwise.


Went back to work and other distractions.

6 thoughts on “Heard-felt-thought-did

  1. Just stumbled on your blog, while searching for something else on the net…Have spent the most of my working hours since then trawling thru ur ramblings…so just wanted to know, do you randomly crib or…

    Neways like ur writin…heres wishing you the best

  2. kinda makes u miss the old fashioned, no-fuss arranged marriages dosent it???
    u learn to love who u marry.. and life works in such a smooth synchronisation that u dont know when u reached ur fifties…

    @pragni: thts called ‘surrendering to god’s will’. i think u should try it.

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