I would have said..

I could get really used to you

…except I find I already have.


Habits are like huge foam pillows
Comforting, cuddly, warm
Suffocating and restrictive as well

And yeah, they aren’t easy to break. All they do is bounce right back on you.
Your only hope is to tear through even if some of the residue sticks to you.


A ritual is a habit with an over-inflated sense of self-importance


Relationships that are habits
aren’t exciting any more
but they are a helluva lot more comfortable.

And consider, if you had to let go of that flashy new bling outfit you got last week
OR your favorite holed-and-patched-and-ripping pyjamas…
…which would you really, really miss more?


Some people are sad or bored or boring out of habit.
Actually by the same token some people are joyful or involved or interesting by habit.

All it is, is about getting used to thinking about the way one is…or decides to be.


I’m a creature of habit – a bad habit of hobnobing with worse creatures.


Discipline is nothing more than habit with good PR.

7 thoughts on “Habit, Actually”
  1. Awarded!! come by to collect πŸ˜›

    I have a habit of wearing black, eating chocolate for every reason possible and thinking my booty will get in the way of world domination.

  2. “Relationships that are habits
    aren’t exciting any more
    but they are a helluva lot more comfortable.”

    Arent relationships boring also???Comfort zone is never exciting. Really nice post

    Jeevess last blog post..Janmashtami

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