Guess who?

One of my colleagues is a blogger and he mentioned the fact proudly at our introductory session. Since I was the first in the group to check out his blog, he figured (quite accurately) that I must be a blogger too. And ever since then, he’s been hounding me for my URL.

Somehow I don’t think I should let him know. IdeaSmith is a complete identity, a whole world that I’ve created…admittedly from scraps of my real-world self…but still independent of it. In the real-world, especially at work, I don’t express fiery opinions, don’t talk intensely about my feelings. My blog-persona is that side of me that exists but finds very little expression in the outside world.

I may be wrong, however. The other day he was randomly guessing, trying to get me to talk and I asked him what he thought my blog would be like.

He said “A lot about Mumbai….probably about trains….maybe some feminist-stuff…”

YEEEEAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH… close to the truth is that? Am I that easily readable then? Ick, so much for secrecy……maybe I’ll keep tight-lipped simply to ensure I don’t get fired for blogging like all those horror-stories I’ve been reading.

3 thoughts on “Guess who?

  1. why do people need blog addresses when they have “the author” in front of them… i definitely wont ask for the book “ms word” if at all i met bill gates in person… doesnt make sense at all… my chaar aana… pliss dont mind

  2. Smithy, in case u r unaware. Dont ever link to him or blogroll him. He can trace back who all link/blogroll him.

    Iyer, if u meet BillG, u’ll shift to openoffice.

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