So I have guardian angels too? What’s more they’re secret.

But there are definitely eyes that watch what I do and strange as it may sound…conspire to make things better for me.


Apparantly even slightly demonic chronic thinking dragons have a place in this universe. Thank you.


The shortest and most mercurial month of the year has come and passed. I didn’t really do anything I hadn’t done before but some things shifted. Subtly. Drastically. Actually I lived a lot minute to minute. But my stomach came back to remind me that I can’t jump without thought. Well, I can but the reality of gravity will come back to touch me. It’s who I am. I’m doing something new this month. I can see it on my calendar but I can also feel it in my bones. I’ve jumped already, in essence. Every single time I did that earlier, I crashed. Except once. And that last time, I soared.

Maybe this time I’ll plunge into the ocean and find swimming. Or onto the ice to skate. Here’s to the march of March.

5 thoughts on “Marching

  1. I loved ‘Free floating’ and found my guardian angels quietly keeping a tab as recent as on this saturday morning so they do exist!
    Happy skating, Idea!

  2. Waves always have a crest and a trough. Except at times, when you get a really gaint one. Wonder when the calmness will move in.

  3. “So I have guardian angels too? What’s more they’re secret.

    And darling, you have friends who’ll look out for you too. And what’s more, that’s no secret. Hugs dear.

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