Govind Tiwari Blinks, Trends On Twitter India

Today is one of those days that the internet first amazes me (with the stupidity abounding) and then amused me…with Govind Tiwari. Our man has a website full of photographs of himself (well, it’s the same picture in different clothes). The site also contains Youtube videos which flash the same photographs slideshow-style and play the same background score (vocals this time). Take note of the blinking eyes when you scroll down and the background music. Flashback to Geocities of the 90s, anyone?! πŸ™‚

Superstar for a day, here’s a peek into some of the Govind Tiwari jokes doing the rounds on Twitter. Oh, uh, did I mention, he’s trending by the way?

@MTVIndia: Govind Tiwari is everything Rakhi Sawant wants in a man.

@RajneeshKapoor: Maybe right now in some parallel universe, there are Orkutiyas-Twitteriyas riots happening for the hurt caused to Govind Tiwari.

Is this India’s first homegrown mad meme? I feel quite lump-in-throat-ey. πŸ˜‰

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