It rained today!!!!!

Being happy is a real effort sometimes…like consciously pushing away dark thoughts and morbidity and shutting down voices that make you feel bad.

But it is so worth it!

I had an odd thought this morning…

A lot of people are terribly scared but they are also the ones inhabiting the graveyards of long-dead memories, the carcasses of broken dreams and the mummified remains of their own half-lives.

I pity them, I even empathise, but I don’t belong there any more. If I ever did…but perhaps I did for awhile. Not anymore, I’m bidding goodbye to theΒ DEAD past.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye to the graveyard”
  1. Way to go….I see my Graveyard of Broken Dreams everyday, everyone does…for some it is an inspiration, for some vulnerability, some want to bid it goodbye, some dont want to let go, such is the disoriented human nature, but i think accepting it is the real deal

  2. @ ricercar: Thenk yew!

    @ Ashish: I agree.

    @ Deepika: Well, one must keep trying, right?

    @ rambler: Ah, and nothing worth having is easy, is it?

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