Going downhill is fun

I wrote about my colleague’s overwhelming curiosity over my blog. The story continues…

Life is very difficult for a techno-greek….ah, now I’ve learnt to delete cookies and temp files but I’m still paranoid that someone will be able to figure out the sites I access. So I decided….the next best thing to having a security box (or the net equivalent of that!) was to have several boxes…..red-herring ishtyle!

I set up a blog that was very obviously mine, and added my name to it for good measure. Anyone searching for my blog WOULD have to find this one. Having set it up, I was clueless for a couple of days on what to post on it…..having a blog-family as Iyer calls it takes up all my time and creative energy. Somedays I feel like the haggard mother of 5 boistrous kids. But I digress…

I did manage to rustle up some stuff to put on that blog. This weekend I found a couple of nasty comments there, left by my colleague. I couldn’t stop laughing when I met him today morning. He had a look of utmost digust as he said “Don’t worry anymore. You can keep your blogs…I don’t want to waste anymore time reading this crap”. Is that funny? Of course it is..it is!!! The look on his face was priceless! After months of looking for the treasure, when it turns out to be an old shoe……HAHAHAHA!

In fact I laughed all the way to the water-cooler. The security guard must have thought he was witnessing the first ever case of maddened-by-Monday-morning-itis….

I’m rather flattered that he was disappointed and that he expected ‘better’ from me. But this was so much, I’m tempted to maintain that blog and write as badly as possible. It ought to be a challenge after all these months of trying to write as well as possible.

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