Gillette Soldier for Women – Regressive & In Poor Taste

This ad by Gillette has been on TV for awhile now.

It started off with the intriguing ‘Soldiers wanted’. The build-up was great. And when it ended, I was groaning. Really now? We need to recruit men into ‘supporting women’? Like it’s a cool thing to do, not the have-to thing to do.

Worse, my overriding impression is that this is such a desperate attempt to cash in on all the hoopla around the Nirbhaya Delhi gangrape case. Very, very poor taste indeed. I mean, everyone and their sister and brother has felt the need to outrage and say something. Granted the numbers may have given this incident the required nation-wide attention that was long overdue. And admittedly the reportage on violence-against-women cases has snowballed because this news is hot, but what the hell, it’s getting people’s attention. I’m willing to be the realistic cynic in all of this. But hang a brand logo on that and attempt to ‘own’ the idea from a marketing standpoint and I’m sorry – you’ve alienated me.

Kiran Manral has a Facebook discussion going on this where she says,

“My issue is the throwing back of the debate into the ‘women to be protected by men’ category.”

Yes, that’s a valid thought. But it’s a whole other discussion that I’d get into if this were a short film or a Public Awareness video instead of a damn ad commercial.Atrociously poor form, Gillette.

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4 thoughts on “Gillette Soldier for Women – Regressive & In Poor Taste

  1. aise ladke jo womens ki izzat nahi krte unhe samaj mein rehne ka koi hak nahi. i promise to god main apne aas pas ki har women ko protect karunga forever

  2. Hi, just a little curious, since i am not in india, i just wanted to know on what channels back in india is this advertisement aired on? I have to analyse it for an assignment and it would really help me to know! Is it only english channels? its is news channels or does it also cover mainstream channels like Sony, Star Plus, Zee, etc??

    1. @Lynnverghese: Hi, I’m sorry I don’t quite remember. This post was written months ago and I saw the ad on one of the popular channels. I usually watch a lot of English-programming channels so it was probably on Star World or Zee Cafe. Hope that helps.

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