How to get an unexpected week off work, off agonizingly garish social life, off pedigree-obsessed matrimony hunt:

Eat spinach lasagne in the monsoon.

How to lose weight off your face, your wrists and other such unaesthetic locations:

Throw up every bit of food or water that makes its way down your gullet. Then curl up and go off to sleep for about 24 hours. Who would have thought that water was fattening?

How to pack guilt, boredom, fatigue, listlessness and frustration into one hour:

Spend the prior 13 hours watching re-runs on Zee Cafe, reading back posts (own and other long forgotten links on blogroll) and sleep.

How to develop a healthy appreciation for rasam-rice:

Consume only rice dissolved in water, slightly salted water, essence ofΒ sweetlime in water and water flavoured water for a week.

How to develop a healthy sympathy for Sanjay Dutt, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan:

Spend a day or two on bed lined with plastic and artfully inclined at an angle for maximum discomfort, with needles stuck in your hand, watching delightfully yellow and orange concoctions oozing into your arm.

Every experience is a lesson and all that jazz.

Okay, ’nuff cribbing. I’ve been a brave girl for a week or so. So there!

13 thoughts on “Gastroentitis

  1. You made it sound so enjoyable, doesnt qualify for a crib session!yes you’ve been a brave girl!
    I want to have that spinach too but not here, at home! (wow, suddenly realised subconsciously still call my parents, my home!)

  2. And this when she was avoiding chicken cause she’s heard reports of the bird flu being back… Woman. learn the lesson! No point trying to eat healthy!!
    πŸ™‚ glad you’re better now

  3. @ Sense: Thengyu…posting soon!

    @ Australopithecus, Ginger Girl, Pravin, Ashish: Gracias, much better now πŸ™‚

    @ Sreejith: *sigh* My knight in shining armour…

    @ S: I get by with a little help from my friends πŸ˜‰

    @ N: Yuzz, yuzz, the road to gastroentitis is paved with good health intentions!

  4. I picked up a bug in Bombay almost two months ago. It has recurred every couple of weeks since. It is HORRIBLE! I weigh less each passing week…

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