Ganapathi bappa moraya!

So here’s my first post on WordPress…..ah, like a child with a new toy, I can’t help looking at it over and over again in pure glee! There’s so much more possible now!

For starters, I realised that:

a. It really is very rude to not reply to comments. Mea culpa…but I will reply now..its so much easier with the latest comments showing up.

b. I haven’t been doing as many photo posts as I could. After all, I have a camera, I have a blog and well…its a colourful world!

I escorted my ma shopping last week for the Ganesh puja. I’m not religious but it really is difficult to stay untouched in the current mood of the city. And when it comes to the ideology I guess I’m a true Mumbaiker…Ganesha is one of my favorite deities. The city is awash with colour and will be for the next few months. Who says we’re workaholics? We work like hell the first half of the year and then revel in merry-making the rest of year all the way till New Year.

Caught a few really colourful moments on my camera-phone. Here they are…I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves… 

Fire-crackers! FlowersEven more flowers

The cheery flower girlHow about a colourful coverlet?toys.jpgThe elephant-headed God 

  Razzle DazzleA parade of GaneshasCloth bazaar

8 thoughts on “Ganapathi bappa moraya!

  1. Oh.. I do miss the Ganesh Puja 🙁

    Although blaring Himmesh Reshammiyas and crackers is not exactly my idea of bliss, the city really decks up for the occasion, and the joy in the faces of people is what actually makes the event so colourful.

    Nice, nice… came here from Sunshine’s blog, and found other people I know (like Selma) mentioned here as well. Will be back 🙂

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