A day for announcements

Full stopΒ 

I want you to leave me alone. Thus far, I’ve tried to NEVER tell you what to do. But now I am and I hope this is the last thing I ever ask you. Perhaps the last thing I ever say to you.

I am not deleting your number from my phone because now I know I can live without calling you. However it stays so that I know when you’re calling and can decide to not take it. Yes, I’m not deleting you, YOU are going to take my number off your phone.

I don’t have a place in your life and hence you don’t get to have one in mine either. No part of my life or my time or my attention. Enough said, enough done, enough felt. You disturb my equilibrium and for once in my life I am not seeking chaos.

You know who you are, so goodbye and have a good life.



We loves words. And we are deeply attached to those with whom we can have good conversations with. In fact we are more attached to the conversations than to the people themselves. And we dutifully blog some of our memorable conversations here and here. Since there are so many of them, we will henceforth post them on Alternate Idea. So please look in there if you ever want to know what we is talking about (and listening to) in the real world.



Some of our blog-friends are in Mumbai this month notably Srini and Apoorva (among others…we is not yet sure whether they wants the news announced). Some is leaving town soon like Gera. And we would love to meet some again. So hands up, everyone who’s nterested in a blog-meet!

Disclaimer: We has never organised a blog-meet and while we has done this kind of a thing in the real world before we is a little reluctant for several reasons, to take the lead here. So do we have any volunteers?


7 thoughts on “A day for announcements

  1. And there are some people who have always kept the number from the beginning, and never deleted it. In fact, all new numbers are dutifully stored and not a single outgoing call is made to any. This gives the power to see the number when it calls and know that the call can be accepted or declined. Its the worst kind of torture when the fullstop occurs at the very beginning itself.

  2. @ Menagerie: I don’t know if anything’s happening. No one has volunteered and I’m going into a lazy slump. But I’ll announce it up here if there is something.

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