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  1. This plays on my mind all the time how do you know the guy isnt trying to get into your pants? and even if there is an affection sometimes its best just to ignore it…and u hit the nail on the spot. Friendship is such a pain if you have to constantly watch what you are saying and doing.

  2. Anonymous, thank you for the compliment…and for appreciating, even when you don’t agree.

    Valhalla, you’re all ‘evil boys’…no exceptions!!!! And the ones who aren’t…don’t appear to want to make contact with me!

  3. … and I can see Sigmund Freund smiling in heaven :)Somebody just remotely touched upon his discomforting-for-many psychological theory.

  4. man. finally, someone agrees with me. and its a woman ! lol, yeah it is suprising that its a woman. wat to do ? our society is like this only.

    like the honesty and the writing.–>

  5. tch.. tch.. You have been driven to not being friends with many and for what? But I wouldnt be surprised if in your penchant to spare none, you tend to go overboard. Attraction, friendship and love can co exist, but form a holy trinity. You can control just one of those three factors, the other two are then automatically determined.

    Just chill. men usually are nice people and we likes being at peace.

  6. //My biggest grouse is that men don’t seem to want to accept a decision that they don’t like.

    Ha … of course, the tougher it is the bigger the boost to ego on winning… oh that isn’t surprising at all…That’s how we all grow up… At most moments that is the feedback most of the society gives back…