Friday the thirteenth

Nope this isn’t a horror flick fan club and neither is it about the supernatural. It is as a lot of blogs are, about the writer.

So I was born on Friday the thirteenth. And that is all this is about.
No, I don’t have 666 marked on my head (that would be SOME birthmark to show on a passport wouldn’t it?)
Yeaaaaaaah and if I hear one more time about how ‘unlucky’ I am I’ll prove you right!
So why am I making such a big deal out of it?
Most people don’t even remember that in that particular year, the 13th coincided with Friday.
Well…everyone likes to think they’re unique in some way….

Call it symbolic of life…..
Someone born on Friday the thirteenth writes under the blogname of ‘Just a statistic’
How wonderfully mundane…
How typical…

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