Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose
Or perhaps, nothing more to want


When the world is turning on schedule,
And you find yourself standing, apart, detached, watching
That’s when you look at yourself
And realize that your sense of identity
Is as fluid and fleeting as the rest of the world

10 thoughts on “Free

  1. You don’t need to be free if you can learn to enjoy the moment, I think. Difficult to do, but not impossible.

  2. An important meeting is going on deciding nothing of importance. Down below the world is coming to an end. Water everywhere. Shops getting looted. People are helping each other in their last moments. I’m flying here and there, watching

    I wake up.

    I was apart of that world. I’m a part of this world too.

  3. – What’s the relation between the content of the picture and the associated text?
    – That’s a flower band on the wrist?
    – Is that a ITC Wills cigarette in presumably your fingers?

  4. @ Sheiroo: I see them as the same thing.

    @ Ranjan: That’s poetic. Was that referring to the July 26th floods?

    @ Brad:
    – There is.
    – Yes, it’s a gajra.
    – No.

  5. Never doubted the association of the picture with the content; I was just asking ‘what’ is the relation?

    @N: Thanks for the clarification. πŸ™‚ Different Brand, Same Hand. Eh!? Must be Gold Flake then or Classic.

  6. [brad] still wrong, tho same hand πŸ˜€ and the gajra was my fault
    [ideasmith] heh, left discretion behind at that seaside πŸ˜€

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