Free floating

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.

Ever wondered what its like to jump off the edge of a cliff and then discover there’s no gravity? Ask me…I’m discovering it right this instant.

Yesterday I went for a walk on the beach. The sky looks darker near the sea and the waves melt into it so you don’t see a horizon…its like the sky itself is coming at you in gentle, swishing moves. I watched the half moon for so long, that the walkers started to stare at me. I couldn’t help it…the stars were twinkling and the silver moon glowing a brilliant ice….it was like the sky was smiling back at me.

I saw a sand castle. Someone (adult or child?)had laboriously loaded sand into buckets, shaped and smoothed the sides and painstakingly picked out towers and dug a moat around for safety. I saw the mind of someone who wasn’t there.

A few feet away, wet marigold garlands were lying in the sand. Somewhere, ashes that used to be someone, were drifting to the bottom of the ocean. And somewhere else, someone was missing somebody, someone was counting money and someone was lying wide-awake. I heard the tears of eyes that I couldn’t see.

Across the universe, children, adults, animals, stones, stars and trees are sending messages out. I’m picking them up, I’m tuned in…I’m right here.

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