I’d like to be…under the sea….
In an octopus’s garden
In his shade…
We would be so happy…

Tere bina….jiya nahin jaaye…

Got back from work at 8 and started a rush meal
Emerged from the kitchen an hour later triumphantly…one square meal successfully dished out
He looked at me blankly and said “Make that call first”
Frowning a bit, I took up the phone and dialed the std code
All the while keeping an eye on his face

Me: Hi…sorry I couldn’t call you earlier. I got back late and got to cooking
…..Okay…he’s taken an entire spoonful
Me: No…its raining at night and the day is awfully hot
…..He’s chewing…so far, so good
Me: Really? No, I wouldn’t worry about that. Just go ahead with it…it will sort itself out in time.
…..Now he’s lowering the spoon….the moment of truth…
Me: Take my word for it. And if it doesn’t then I’ll take care of it.
…..AH…he’s taken the next spoonful……!!!!!!!l
The lady’s done it again!
Me:Yeah, yeah got that…sure I’ll do that. You take care…I gotta run for dinner now..bye!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Overslept this morning and didn’t hear the milkman’s bell
Woke up groggy and running late
Skidded to a halt when I saw the kitchen light on
Spent a few minutes longer over my bath

Sat down at the table and opened the covered dish that was kept there
Him: I couldn’t find any pepper so I used asafoetida instead
…Spooning it all onto the toast. He’s standing at the kitchen entrance
Me: I can’t taste it
Him: I used very little
…He walks towards my chair then reaches past me for the newspaper
Me: Chomp chomp…
Him: The eggs are kind of raw inside
…Speaking from behind the Times of India
Me: No…but I like the taste of raw eggs
Him: Is the salt okay?
…Discarding TOI and looking at my face for a minute
Me: Its not okay….its perfect…

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  1. Its just fun peeling away the layers under your words and finding new meanings each time.
    You’re good!–>

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