Its certified! I’m a confirmed flirt-o-holic! Funny though, that while in the real world, the simplest flirting games make me shift uncomfortably from one foot to the other and change the topic, online I scatter fragments of my flighty, flirty personality like it’s confetti.

I have succeeded in flirting with a friend-woman (as opposed to woman-friend…men say that when they mean a woman they’re attracted to but don’t want to admit it!) and not made her run in the opposite direction screaming ‘WEIRDO”!!!

I have managed to pseudo-flirt with a longtime nemesis, the Evil Nandy by way of being vile back. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, ain’t it? Well, I have even propositioned him almost!!

And I now report perfectly normal, innocuous conversations that I’ve had with people I know read my blog, with ze dash of spice in a way that makes them wonder what I’m thinking and accusing me of being kinky.

I probably need a therapist. Ah, but I’m tempted to say

Also a lawyer, a doctor, a dentist, a salesman, a banker, an architect and a film-maker. Call separately…I don’t double-date! 😀

7 thoughts on “Flirt-o-holic”
  1. How come your F.Q. (no pun intended if you say that really fast) takes a small walk when you are talkin’ to me! Evil wonders. (F.Q-flirting quotient just for the benefit of the alternate thinker)

  2. @ n: We tries, we tries! 😉

    @ Brad: See first line. We is like this on the online world wonly.

    @ DC: Who knowses? We aim to pleases…

    @ ratz: We likes being this way too! 🙂

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