Featured In DNA Around The Blog, 9Jan2012: Bandra No Longer Queen Of The Suburbs

When I tweeted, complaining about my Bandra woes a few months back, I received a slew of responses along the lines of,

All the other suburbs are much worse!

It’s just such a rocking place that it doesn’t matter.

So when I wrote ‘Bandra Is No Longer The Queen Of The Suburbs’ last week, I didn’t expect it to get quite the opposite response. Readers tweeted their agreement (a few are updated on the post itself) and a longtime SoBo (always sympathetic to Bandra, for some reason) friend turned it into a conversation on Facebook. Today’s DNA carried an excerpt in their ‘Around the blog’ section.

I don’t know if it was because my article was calmer, more factual than ranty and so easier to read. Or (dare I hope?) whether the city is seeing Bandra as I do, finallyΒ  – an ordinary location that went from old-world charming to aspirational to wannabe to overyuppified because of too much glossy hardsell.

Here’s the excerpt in DNA.

One thought on “Featured In DNA Around The Blog, 9Jan2012: Bandra No Longer Queen Of The Suburbs

  1. I came here aft seeing ur post on DNA. Grt thought, i think the more propogation a suburb receives, the more commercialized it becomes. The biggest problem in India is any place that is happening tends to become a commercial hotspot. This is where even Mulund today is loosing its charm. Bandra is now the redevelopment hub as a new building fetches higher price. Its all money, honey! Thats the tone everyone is using n we loose out on the aspects to enjoy in life.

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