July 11, 2006.

The last time I said, “See you in half an hour” and got onto a train, believing it.

The last timeΒ I saw train compartments plastered with only ads for spurious products and hormonal graffitti.

The last time a guy weighed down with a bag struggled to get in and I actually sympathised.

The last time I rushed into a compartment, plonked down on the seat and promptly fell asleep without a second thought.

The last time these people were seen.

Not the last time we struggled back to our madness.

Happy anniversary of fear, Mumbai.
Stay paranoid, stay alive.

3 thoughts on “Fearful Phoenix”
  1. Somehow we seem to be good at forgetting. It will be business as usual tomorrow. The coaches which were destroyed in the blasts have been renovated and will be reintroduced tomorrow. For what? To remind people that a lot of them died here so you could be the next…

    Read my post to on the blasts.

  2. @ Shubhojit: See my comment on your post.

    @ Brad: It ain’t my birthday today!!! Not yet! But we are most gratified with your promise, A.E. You may live, yet.

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