Fear of flying

Love can be so overwhelming
That we’d rather hold onto jagged masks that hurt
We’d rather keep stepping into gutters, imagining ourselves as brave
Than jump off the real cliff
Because we’re scared
Not of falling
But that, we’ll discover we have wings
And then, we won’t know where to fly.

I have wild, staring eyes
I got a strong urge to fly
And I got nowhere to fly to….fly to….fly to
Oh baby when I pick up the phone
There’s still nobody home.

There wouldn’t be….and you know it, which is the only reason you called.
If there was even a chance of hearing a voice at the other end, you wouldn’t have dialed, because you haven’t figured out what to say.

3 thoughts on “Fear of flying

  1. Yeah. I identify so much. We all dream of love, of perfection , at least some of us. When it does come, if it does, it overwhelms and sometimes, just sometimes you have this overpowering desire to run away. They tell you so much about love. They don’t tell you what to do when in love.

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