14 thoughts on “Fear of Falling

  1. Sometimes you are noticed around,
    Sometimes you lurch and become schlimazel…
    And sometimes, when you Dance, you are liberated.

    I’ll take my chances…

    My last post relates to this I feel.

    As last blog post..Shall We Dan…?

  2. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy states that the key to flying is to fall – and miss the ground.

    I wouldn’t want to try it.

  3. @ Ashwin: Is that a ‘boy story’ or a ‘girl story’? Mine too! :mrgreen:

    @ Cynic: Hebby bud-day one month away.

    @ Devesh: You, I guess. I was relating a personal episode to the story in Sandman.

    @ manuscrypts: That’s true. I didn’t this time, for a change.

    @ Anon Y.Mouse: One of my favorite books!

  4. @IdeaSmith: Well to be precise i wasn’t trying to fly… But sort of.. you see i was trying to jump hold a saree( that was hanging as a makeshift cradle) and do a Rambo style swing and kick…:P

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