I’m fascinated by you
As one might be fascinated by what the view from the very edge of a cliff looks like
Someone said that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul
And I believed that I could read into people from what their eyes told me
Except for you
Yours are a cloud of cruel control and divine madnessIt is all in your eyes
All you are is a pack of charming lies

You still fascinate me

23 thoughts on “Fascination

  1. You can, of course, read people by their eyes,
    I am sorry, that my eyes are just ice.

    It saddens me to hear you say that you can’t melt them,
    For you are the one whom I hoped that would.

    Forgive me if my eyes are just ice,
    But honey, that’s just the way I am.

  2. If all that fascinated you were my eyes
    Could you not see they were staring right back?
    If all that charmed you were my lies
    Would you really have let yourself come back?

  3. It is the darkness that lures. Light is so uninteresting–I can see through those eyes. 🙂 Innit?

    How I wish someone would’ve written that for me. Smithy, take a bow.

  4. “Like anyone would be,
    I am flattered by your fascination with me
    Like any hot blooded woman
    I have simply wanted an object to crave
    But you’re not allowed
    You’re uninvited
    An unfortunate slight

    Must be strangely exciting
    To watch the stoic squirm
    Must be somewhat heartening
    To watch shepard meet shepard
    But you’re not allowed
    You’re uninvited
    An unfortunate slight

    Like any uncharted territory
    I must seem greatly intriguing
    You speak of my love like
    You have experienced like mine before
    But this is not allowed
    You’re uninvited
    An unfortunate slight”
    – “Uninvited” (Alanis Morissette)

    Perhaps once Alanis’ mouth spoke words that spun in your mind too.

    You reminded me i haven’t been listening much to her these days…. so revisited her, once again 🙂

  5. its been long since i visited ur blog…but everytime i come here u fascinate me with ur ability to articulate things that i feel so intensely about but cannot express clearly.

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