I suffer from convenient extreme short term memory loss.

So do I. I also plead guilty to frequent moodiness and an unpredictable temperament.

You know that’s allowed only once a month! You’re taking advantage of being the fairer sex.

Nonsense. My mind is a super-highway of hormones that get into traffic bottlenecks every month. And I’m almost never, if ever, fair.

And its words like that which turn a straight man gay.

You just like it easy, don’t you?

Sweetie, don’t confuse a challenge with the impossible.

It isn’t a challenge if you know the outcome, beforehand.

Then what is it?

A ritual.

Phew, I see someone with experience in this field. That much?

Someone once accused me of using him as “a mental penis for my intellectual masturbation”. There is a basic flaw in that statement which I won’t point out, at the moment. But there may be a shard of truth in his words. In that case, yup, definitely experienced.

10 thoughts on “Experienced

  1. mental penis for my intellectual masturbation

    Completely disregarding the fact that you are female, as this person did; he probably had a different idea of what ‘grey matter’ meant! 😀

  2. “a mental penis for my intellectual masturbation”

    umm….very interesting choice of phrases…..

    Nevertheless i simply loved it.:)

    P.S. Women rock!!! We have the prerogative of being moody n unpredictible.And if truth be told,this is precisely y men love us so much…!!! 😉

  3. Intellectual masturbation is overrated. Yeah, its enjoyable when it happens, but to enjoy it fully, it should be in the right doses.

    What i wanna know is, whats the flaw you’re talkin about?…:)

  4. Thou art kinky. Do not lie to the world. Anyone who brings in handcuffs, a leather whip, silk stocking and melted chocolate into a convo can only have one thing on her kinky li’l mind. You perv you….:)

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