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  1. I’ll decide when and whether they should start again.

    Heehee. What a witty retort to a tone of finality from another. ^_^ I am delightfully impressed.

  2. One talks to be heard,
    One listens to understand,

    Talk, Listen, Listen, Talk,
    Conversations happen.
    No ‘I’, but an ‘Us’ or ‘We’.

    It doesn’t matter who starts or who ends,
    All what one cares is that a conversation happened.

    (Happy Birthday 07/13/2005)

  3. battle of the sexes…

    “SHE will always have the last word in an argument”

    “every word that HE speaks after the last word will be the beginning of a new argument”

    gells well with ur post 🙂

    happy budday to u? (when)