I actually don’t give a damn anymore. To hell with men. To hell with women. To hell with gender stereotypes and the battle of the sexes.

This blog is officially dead.

15 thoughts on “Epitaph”
  1. good. it was the right thing to do. what were serious observations to you was just entertainment to the rest of the world. get on with life and next time, write for urself.

  2. I only FOUND this blog yesterday, read every single entry and bookmarked it to boot and now this happens =\


    It was “just” entertainment to me; I don’t think I’d ever label this blog as anything that ordinary =)

    Good luck with [fill in the blank with your heart’s desire]

  3. Naahiiiin (hindi phillum ishtyle).
    Thanks for all the fish. You can NOT be doing this. And yeah, even I’m betting you’ll be back.

  4. So a lot of people are betting on this one.
    For one,
    Death is the sole certainty that we have
    and then,
    where will these ideas of the ‘chronic thinker’go? It has to circulate in this energy sphere.

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