Ek Anek By Films Division

If you grew up in India in the 80s, you’ll remember this short animated film that would show just before the Sunday morning specials and on occasion, before the Saturday evening movie.

“Hind desh ke nivaasi sabhi jann ek hain.
Rang roop, besh bhasha, jaati anek hain.”

Maths (1 to many), sociology (group formation), management (organized effort) and national integration – that’s a lot of ideas to pack into 7 minutes. We’re not in a day and age that values the last idea very much. Here’s remembering.

2 thoughts on “Ek Anek By Films Division

  1. Yes. I remember the days when watching TV was a luxury and getting to watch these Films Division animations were like a dream come true. How innocent and simple life was back then! It took so little to make us happy. This film captures the innocence and simplicity of that era so effectively.

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