Women are generally very boring. The blogsphere is a marked exception where I think I enjoy female company as much as (if not more than) that of men. At a bloggers meet or in a bloggy-conversation, the interest levels keep flying with no regard to gender.

Outside however, women are snivelly bores at best and vile bitches at worst. I was at a party this weekend and the conversation turned to such interesting realms like religion, choices and fate. (We will discount the fact that this was at 3 a.m. and everyone was in some state of inebriatedness….it was an interesting conversation!*hic*). The debate was starting to heat up with one gentleman gesturing wildly and going on about God and a positive approach while being contradicted by his more-than-sozzled friend who was screeching about love being a bitch. I was holding forth on my pet belief….the power of choices. A hitherto unnoticed-and-now-speaker-of-the-moment leaned across and yelled

I don’t even know your name, lady but I have to tell you…think about this….suffering and choices are two concepts. There’s a state beyond that, which I think Gautam Buddha achieved.

Our brief interlude was interrupted by loud yawns and squealy protests of

This is booooring! Let’s change the topic!!!

Meooowww dahling……we think we’d rather leave our ladylike behaviour behind at home than our brains.

8 thoughts on “Drunk On Wisdom”
  1. And this was when I excused myself to go have chow with my friends? (Hope you remember that I had buzzed ya to wish thou Merry Christmas)

  2. @ Anon: I live, hence I find things to crib about. If I stop cribbing, I stop blogging. As for what’s wrong with me…what’s wrong with cribbing?

    @ Brad: 😀 Yuzz, we remembers….we was not drunk…umm, just a wee bit tottery on our feet perhaps but definitely not drunk, no sirree…we is a lady!

  3. But don’t you think life/living should be atleast a little about something positive. I don’t mean to pass a judgement on your life. but it seems to me from your blogs that you are always finding fault with others. Writing about how men hurt you, about how x,y,z said mean things, didn’t love you back. We all go through crap in our lives, but you have become so so so cynical. Aren’t you too tough on the world and yourself?

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