Drops of water

Another recycled post from the days when I had just one blog and it was called ‘Just a Statistic’. The weather seems to dictate it. I’m feeling exactly the way I felt 3 years back! Life is so cyclic.

Thursday, 5th August 2004

~ Drops of water ~

Insignificant little drops of water

Perfectly formed drop shaped drops of water
On people’s heads and oozing down their scalps
To slide down a strand of hair
And hang at its very tip

Powerful drops of water
Pouring down in sheets
Blocking my view in torrents
Pelting my back like tiny arrows

Round droplets of water
Dropping into the very heart of a puddle
Setting it alive in circular ripples
And sending a hundred more drops of water jumping out

Rhythmic drops of water
Symmetric broken lines of water
Slinking close to the pavement
Drumming down on roofs and windows and roads

A single drop of water
A feather kiss on a thread of copper
Flying sparks and a few screams
All for an insignificant little drop of water

Trickling drops of water
Salty drops balanced precariously on eyelids
Streaming down cheeks
Treacherous drops of water

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