Drive Away From This Movie, FAST!!

Ryan Gosling
Image by gdcgraphics via Flickr

A day ago, I’d have laughed at this. Funnily enough, I can almost relate to this lady.

A packed and very tiring weekend ended on a thoroughly unsatisfactory note with the movie Drive. I don’t remember where I saw Ryan Gosling last but now all I can think is that a tree has more range of expressions than him. And what is with that minute-long lag before he answers any question? I mean even questions like,

“Do you want some water?”

If the first half made me want to blacklist any reviews that called this movie great (“a slick, highly romanticized pastel look calculated to win friends and influence people“….really??!), the second one made me think it should have had a different name. (Yes, it was THAT boring…I had to find ways to while away time till time till I could leave). Drive, or at least its second half should have been called, ‘10 Gory Ways To Kill – A Tribute To Trashy 80s Slashers.’

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