Don’t even ask….

Note to self and other women:

Never argue with a man who is even the slightest bit attracted to you.
I mean, resist him if you want for reasons best known to you
Just don’t bother with logic or even explanations

‘Nuff time wasted
Apparantly they are able to use only one head at a time.

12 thoughts on “Don’t even ask….

  1. i think thats why stags are charged more “per head” than couple in discs/pubs…

    other than that, this theory is, as geoff boycott would saay… rooooooooobish… but somewhat true… i wud tend to agree a lil bit…

  2. Iyer: There’s no ‘agreeing a bit’ here. Either here or there! Corollary to above is: Never argue with IdeaSmith when she makes sweeping generalizations!

    Brad: Like I said, I’m not arguing with you ;p

  3. anonymity: It could be because you’re as sweet as pink candy-floss with sugar syrup on it and a dash of honey……(are you annoyed enough?)

    brad: Am I? Are you?

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