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I saw a girl on the train carrying this bag that caught my eye. I asked her if I could take a picture of it and she agreed. A little surprised perhaps and guarded as anyone would be in this city of callous strangers but agreeable nevertheless.

K (I forgot to ask if I could use her name) is a designer-in-training and wanted to know if I was a designer as well. I told her what I did instead and it must have seemed very boring to someone as young and creative as she.

Who says style can’t have a sense of humour? This bag caught my eye since it cocks-a-snook at the blatent consumerism of our generation today. (At least, I hope that’s what its designer intended!) One little bag laughs a proverbial ‘Heehee’ at a city that creates and lives by brands. Here it is…tell me what you think.

The bag says,


MAMoth Perfect

Net Weight: 200g


And K, a designer is supposed to bring beauty to the world and what’s more beautiful that bold colours and a delightful sense of humour? All the very best to you and your efforts to beautify this world!


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11 thoughts on “I Style! – Designer

  1. ‘moth’ – Using the Hindi pronunciation – it means ‘death’

    ‘moth’ eaten – completely differs from ‘like new’.

    Mam-moth Perfect – The perfect death of a ma’am.

    Oh well.

  2. I like… kinda reminds of the ad- mad world spooofs we used to do in college… (seem so long ago- sure signs i’m over the hill- i’m reminiscing!!!)

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